3. Build a Snowman

History[ edit ] The first known rainfall records were kept by the Ancient Greeks , about B. People living in India began to record rainfall in cca B. In the Arthashastra , used for example in Magadha , precise standards were set as to grain production. Each of the state storehouses were equipped with a rain gauge to classify land for taxation purposes. It was Richard Towneley who was the first to make systematic rainfall measurements over a period of 15 years from to , publishing his records in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. Towneley called for more measurements elsewhere in the country to compare the rainfall in different regions, [8] although only William Derham appears to have taken up Towneley’s challenge. They jointly published the rainfall measurements for Towneley Park and Upminster in Essex for the years to His meteorological records are a valuable resource for knowledge of the 18th century British climate. He was able to demonstrate that the average rainfall varied greatly from year to year with little discernible pattern.

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Order Reprint of this Story February 16, Sailfish swim south for the winter, so the odds of catching one in the waters off Miami-Dade and Monroe counties are excellent. Although tournament anglers will go out on their speedy center-console boats or big sportfishermen with 12 dozen live baits and fly two fishing kites, each with three fishing lines, sailfish are routinely caught on dead baits drifted from party boats.

Under the Radar Wild Places To Add To Your Bucket List. find treasures right in your backyard, or near a spot you’ll be visiting this summer. In any case, get ready to mix up that wilderness bucket list. Jerome Collins of Austin, At Bombay Hook, we were impressed by the wide variety of waterfowl, nesting eagles, and ground animals.

Making the beast with two backs. All it takes is a strategic sneak-away and the two of you can be in and out of there in a matter of a few songs. Make this a quick one, and practise a little flexibility so that other people will see only one set of legs instead of two. This is another option where faster is better since you only get about 12 to 15 minutes in your own little capsule to do what needs to be done. Though, the combination of revolving cabins and panoramic views of Cape Town, and the danger of accidentally mooning innocent bystanders while in the act, should make things, um, come along quite quickly.

Consider it a different kind of way to get your Mile High Club wings. If the time factor puts too much pressure on you to perform, it may be worth splurging on a private extended sky dining experience for a more leisurely lay. A VIP gondola costs R for a half an hour ride and a bottle of sparkling wine. A photo posted by CapeTownMagazine. But what not many people know is that you can actually spend the night on this wonder of nature by booking out the beautiful stone Overseers Cottage , which rests right at the top of it.

You could hook up on the hike up, and then in the evening, when you have the whole place to yourselves, you can howl at the open skies while getting frisky in the fynbos that overlooks the entire Cape Peninsula. Since the cottage works on a self-catering basis, why not bring along some sexy eats to set the mood?

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Aaron Eakin From the rugged and wild tip of Cape Flattery, Washington, to the undulating dunes of Bandon, Oregon, the Northwest coastline has lured wanderers for centuries—some of them straight into the rocks one reason this stretch is dotted by dozens of picturesque lighthouses. With a variety of traveler tastes in mind, we point the way to the best sea stacks and fish shacks, viewpoints and tide pools—as well as providing a few how-tos to keep your beach adventures on track.

Then there is Hobuck Beach, a crescent of heaven hidden behind Cape Flattery at the very northwestern tip of the continental United States. But the tribe will rent you a cabin, nothing fancy, but clean and comfy right here on the northwest edge of America. With towering sea stacks framing miles of beach, and wind-curved conifers dotting the shoreline, this extreme northwest corner of the Olympic Peninsula really brings the vistas.

Build a fire advice here , and pack all food in that bear canister, now required along the Olympic National Park coastline, thanks to the ingenuity of local raccoons and bears.

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Posted on October 18, by ridgline That math can only work when fishing! I knew it was going to be a good day when I got to the river and the floodgates were finally open. Plus I was a little hesitant to try and get to them figuring all the water being pushed through may have changed the paths I thought were passable. So after some searching I found an alternate place to give it a try.

Since just a week ago I caught my first one of these, even the little ones really excite me. Next up was my first ever Sauger, Check one more off the bucket list! It took a minute to figure out what I had on the line. This pic is one of probably ten largemouth this size that I caught before the bigger stuff started hitting. I found a deeper spot judging by the time it took my jig to go slack, so decided to try and work it for a while. I thought I snagged a stump, but then it started pulling.

It took a while to get it up and I was clueless what it might be, until I got to see this bright silver carp that I foul hooked by the outside of its gill. There was a third one that was even bigger but it straightened my hook. Either that hole was the perfect spot for them or they travel and feed in schools like their redfish cousins in Florida.

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Zapcat powerboating United Kingdom Always wear a helmet. That way no one can see you cry. The powerboat experience in the United Kingdom is run by the current National Zapcat Championship winning team. Colorado offers some of the best ice climbing in the world.

Hook & Barrel is a new lifestyle publication dedicated to the modern outdoorsman. Fall Getaway Bucket List. A Barbecue Runs Through It. The Full Argentine Experience. Music. the drinks that we drink, the places we travel to, the gear that we own, and ultimately the hunts that we participate in.” — John Radzwilla, Editor-in-chief.

First Nations tribes used to hunt by driving the once-numerous buffalo over this sharp cliff in Alberta, sending the beasts tumbling to certain death below. The precipice outside Fort Macleod, Alta. The region was once an ancient ocean bed, but continental drift long ago thrust the area up above sea level, creating the unique geography of the park.

Hike through the hills, explore the fjords, take a boat out on the water or pick through the rare rock formations at this natural wonder. And if you’re feeling really adventurous, try hiking up the trail to the lonely peak of Gros Morne Mountain. The place is called the Crooked Bush, and the mutated trees that grow there are warped and twisted like they belong in a Salvador Dali painting.

They hook, curl and wrap around themselves and each other in bizarre ways, like nothing you’ll ever see any other place in Canada. The creepy-looking trees have inspired plenty of ghost stories in local folklore, but scientists say it’s not spirits or the strong Saskatchewan wind that warp the trees. It’s simply science, and a unique genetic mutation that causes the aspens to twist as they grow. Visitors can follow a wooden walkway through the twisted forest to experience it in all its mind-bending magnificence.

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Hopefully the Bucket List Guide to the Thailand Lantern Festival will inspire you to attend this amazing festival of lights. Loy Krathong and Yi Peng When is it? Actual dates in November fluctuate each year depending on the cycle of the moon.

Foodie Bucket List Being raised in the back rooms of my family’s restaurants, and being a current restaurant owner is the reason that my bucket list has a large food experience section (I am constantly on the hunt to find the best food in the world!).

Why not be a brave do-gooder this Winter, strip down to your skivvies and jump into freezing cold water for a good cause. Build a Snowman Do you remember how you used to love running outside at the sign of the first snowfall to build a snowman or make snow angels? See the Nutcracker The Nutcracker is a famous two-act ballet that is primarily played during the holiday season. Ice Skate on a Lake Frozen ponds, lakes or rivers can provide you with some of the most scenic ice skating rinks around the world.

Glide along, enjoying the fresh air — score bonus bucket list points if you can learn to ice skate backwards. Drive a Snowmobile With thousands of miles of snowmobiling opportunity around the world, find your perfect location to hop on and whiz around the snow-filled, rolling hills. Make a Gingerbread House Spend an afternoon putting together a gingerbread house that is filled with all the sweets and treats of the season. This is such a fun activity to do with children!

Watch all the Oscar Winning Movies Make some popcorn and cuddle on the couch with a blanket and start your bucket list quest to watch all the best picture Oscar winning movies ever made. Learn to Snowboard Put away those skis this season and try your hand at snowboarding, even if you only make it down the bunny slope.

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It gets drenched in up to inches or feet of rain every year — and as a result, the trees are draped in emerald green moss and ferns. The best way to experience the Hoh Rainforest is by hiking the Hall of Mosses Trail, which spans for less than a mile — or the Spruce Nature Trail, which only runs for about 1. The Hoh Campground is open all year-round with first-come, first-served sites, some of which can accommodate RVs up to feet-long.

If you can hook up with someone’s yacht, that is a really cool spot to watch the race. This is a bucket list item that might cost a pretty penny depending on the ticket/hotel packages you choose. After experiencing the race and the gorgeous venue, it’s well worth it. There are plenty of good eating places near Augusta, but if you.

Play in new window Download You can find to all of our podcasts in the On this episode of the Campground of the Week podcast, we are talking about 12 bucket list state park campgrounds in the USA. These state parks are showstoppers. They are places that you should plan to visit at some point on your RV adventures. Reservation windows are how far in advance you are allowed to book a campsite. They are sooooo important to know because the most popular state parks book up FAST.

Seasoned state park campers sit at their computers at midnight, waiting for the window to open like they are trying to buy Taylor Swift tickets for their preteen daughter. If you have other bucket list state park campgrounds to add to our list, tell us about them in the comments below. The campground is fantastically maintained and wonderfully rustic. Sites back right up to the high, sandy dunes. There are amazing ranger programs right on site.

Oh, and beautiful wild horses roam the island offering some pretty fantastic photo opportunities.

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I went on a group tour of about 10 people, organized by G Adventures , which is unlike my usual solo-travel approach — but I must admit that it was a nice change of pace to have everything organized. I was invited into dozens of houses for a cup of tea, or a complete meal, despite not speaking a common language. Moreover, when I offered money to some people, then turned it down. I visited villages, most notably in Northern Tajikistan, where I met some of the friendliest humans in all my travels.

Cenote diving, Peninsula de Yucatan, Mexico / photo by Cade Butler Find this Pin and more on Geographic Bucket List by Jordan Ritchie. Cenote diving, Peninsula de Yucatan, Mexico (even just swimming and snorkling in the many cenotes is a wonderful experience).

The Masters began over 80 years ago, and though much has certainly changed across the sport and the globe, this is a tournament that remains as true to its roots as it possibly can. History is of utmost importance at the Masters. So that you can fully appreciate the significance of this tournament and its many traditions, here is a detailed history of the Masters Golf Tournament, from founding to present day. What is the Masters?

The Masters is one of four major championships in international golf. It is the first tournament of the year, it is also the only tournament in the circuit that is held at the same location every year: The tournament lasts four days, but also includes three days of pre-tournament programming. Building the Augusta National Golf Club The man who founded the Masters, Bobby Jones, had been in retirement for over 3 years, and he decided to make his comeback at his new golf course he had crafted at Fruitland Nurseries.

He built the course in about two years, and thus one of the four major championships was born. Once the course was put together, the first Masters was ready to be held.

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Try and finish all 63, we dare you. Click the boxes to tick the dishes you’ve eaten. Get a total score at the end. It remains one of the most popular dishes.

There are tons of great places to have a look around the city but Ag hall has one of the best as far as outlook and hook-up compatibility go. Although the atmosphere .

My plan is to keep it realistic, and focus on the winter months. If I keep the activities fun, maybe I will stick with my bucket list and get some things done that I have been wanting to do. If I am still following my list by the time it starts to warm up, I will then have to add some spring and summer activities to my New Year’s bucket list. Keeping it simple — here are 3 winter activities I want to accomplish before the snow and ice melts!

Winter Triad Patch I have my summer patch, but have never actually hiked any of the three triad mountains during the winter season. I invested in a pair of snowshoes early this winter, so now I have no reason not to go! Hiking during the winter months can be a totally different experience. The views can be different and even more breathtaking when everything is covered in a blanket of snow or ice. Hiking in the winter can also be more dangerous because of the temperature changes and amount of ice that you may slip on.

I am excited to get up Coney, Arab, and Goodman this winter and receive my triad patch as a well-earned token of my accomplishment. Snowmobile This is something I use to do as a kid all the time.

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