Fountain pen

At a time when short life pens and ink leakage are two major problems in the writing industry, George Safford Parker is determined to change the face of writing. George Safford Parker patents his first fountain pen in Parker patents the Lucky Curve, a system whereby ink is returned to the reservoir by capillary action and ink leakage is greatly reduced. Known as the ‘Big Red’, it is the most contemporary pen of its time, but also the most prestigious and expensive. Now it was time to mix business with family. The British office sends Parker Pens all over the continent.

Fountain pen

Jump to summary chart For those of us concerned with when a pen was made, Parker is the sweetest of all makers, in that many of their pen actually have a date printed right on them. Not only the year, but which quarter of the year, will appear, giving a very clear sense of just how old the pen is. While modern Parkers that follow this practice mark only the barrel or cap of the pen, vintage pens generally have a code on the barrel and on the point.

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Parker Date-Codes Reference

It is time for another pencil post to break up the fountain pen stuff…though they are all related. These pencils were sold to match the corresponding Vacumatic 51 in both barrel color and cap design. Here is the photo of the pencil before I had a chance to clean and polish it. The twist mechanism works perfectly and the eraser and lead supply are full. I polished the lead cone and cap with a jewelers cloth.

I then polished the barrel with scratch remover, finishing polish, and buffed on a coat of carnuba wax.

The most common method of dating a pen is by comparing it to contemporary magazine advertisements. Looking at a series of ads in dated magazines for Parker Duofolds during the s shows all the major and minor modifications made during the years it was produced. The Parker Vacumatic pen, which followed the Duofold, had the year of.

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Remarkably Interesting Parker Duofold. Not Joking.

It was the fruit of the cooperation between Classic Pens, Parker and Murelli. The series was launched in The CP5 series pays homage to the original Duofold of the s, as well as to its modern expression. The continuing success of this prestigious pen manufacturer reflects the philosophy of its founder George S. Since its formation in , Parker has produced a wide range of writing instruments many of which have become classics, they are enjoyed and collected by pen lovers around the world.

The early pens like the Forget-me-not and the Snake c.

Fountain pens dating from the first half of the 20th century are more likely to have flexible nibs, “The Parker Vacumatic”. Richard Binder’s Pens. Retrieved 27 July ^ Binder, Richard. “Sheaffer’s Balance”. Richard Binder’s Pens. Retrieved 27 July ^ “Dating a Pelikan”.

Parker Company knew it had a winner. The pen was stylish but not flashy, durable but not clunky, and reliable but not overengineered. Over the next 31 years, the pen proved itself immensely popular. Tales are told of people who, unable to afford a whole pen, would purchase only a cap to clip in a pocket, giving the appearance of a complete pen. It was designed to be an everyday, hardworking, trouble-free, reliable writer.

They applied the best available technology in the most effective way possible to perform the very difficult task of writing under virtually any conceivable conditions, and the result was U. Patent No 2, , , filed by Marlin S. Baker on January 6, , and issued to him on December 3, However, as brilliant as the design is, it was not entirely original. On June 7, , an independent inventor named Russell T. Wing filed for protection on a design that covered the basic concepts of the hooded nib and ink collector, and on January 16, , he received U.

In early , Wing sold exclusive manufacturing rights to Parker for a 0. During the s, Wing developed further improvements.

Parker’s Date Coding Systems

You don’t often see these all metal pens in such good condition. Crisp etching with no dings or plating loss. No personalization on cartouche.

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Mottled Reddy Brown Trim: IN – Mid Q3 Box: A modern contemporary Box will be supplied Condition: Minor dent to barrel. Usual minor scratches and scuffs with age. On sale here is a Parker 75 in Thuya set up with Fine Nib dating from in good condition. It is beautiful to write with – beautifully balanced. An excellent writer with a good ink-flow.

Probably my all-time favourite Parker model and the design that sparked my interest in Parker pens. This is an excellent writer and should be used. This pen would make an excellent addition to any collection and would be an excellent pen for Calligraphy writing. This pen deserves a writer’s home and should be used. I am slimming down my pen collection, so please watch out for more of my Parker Pens for sale. Please note the Stand is NOT included in this sale.

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We have done our best to show. The aluminium speed line filler works properly with a new diaphragm sack.. The blind cap imprint is light and when magnified has light stamped: Please see pictures and decide for yourself..

1. Date codes on Parker Pens. Updated Oct In mid Parker began marking most pens and pencils with a date code, both the barrel and the nibs were marked, but lacking a date code doesn’t necessarily mean that the pen was made pre, since many imprints have been worn off with use. The first date codes, found for example on the Vacumatics, consists of two digits, the first one.

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Newcastle Pen Show

Pen Clubs Pen Forums Your on-line writing instrument magazine, featuring detailed reviews, history, news, shows, and product announcements, and more links to writing instrument focused sites than any other source. Use of photographs, scans and illustrations is not granted without prior written permission. This includes internet auctions. Conklin Nozac Penline Golden faceted piston fill fountain pen c. Conklin announced four new Penline colors in , including Grey, Red, Green and Golden based on a patented brickwork and stripes design celluloid.

The Nozac Penline was introduced in and was offered in rounded and faceted versions.

The stock market crashed in October, , and the absence of advertising after then has suggested that the Ruxton Multi-Vider was an early casualty of what would become the Great Depression.

Model identification guide under construction iterary hundreds of different Vacumatic models exist. This Model Identification guide is in no way a complete recapitulation of all these models. Dating is rather simple, since most Vacs have a date code engraved on the body. You’ll find it to the right of the imprint: The first date codes emerged in , but lacking a date code doesn’t necessarily mean that the pen was made pre , since many imprints have been worn off.

The first date codes came in two digits, where the first digit denoted the quarter and the second the year. Hence a pen with the date code 15 was made in the first quarter of and 47 was manufactured the fourth quarter of In the second quarter of this system was however changed to save production time and a new date code, using a system of dots was adopted. The stamp initially had three dots and for each quarter one dot was filed down leaving none for the fourth quarter.

Since production was overlapping examples exist with either the imprint 28 or. The models did however differ and this guide will help You differentiate between them. And even if Your pen has lost it’s imprint this guide will help You to narrow it down a bit. It’s simple, take a look at Your pen, answer the questions, compare to the images and click on the pen. There are some transitional models, with metal speedline fillers in the rounded plastic blind caps.

Writing Sounds – Parker Vacumatic Fountain Pen

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