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The question arises, why is it so? Today, let’s unveil the truth behind the rocky relationships of Floyd Mayweather; know how he treats his children he had from his dating affairs! A series of problematic Relationship of Floyd Mayweather: The one who creates trouble for others inside the boxing ring was found being in trouble in real life himself. Having dated many girls in the past, the list of problems he got into doesn’t seem to stop! Mayweather was first linked up with Mellis Brim from to They dated for two years and shared a daughter, Iyanna Mayweather. The couple didn’t have a sour relationship, unlike Floyd’s other relationships.

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Dok2 “It’s not even 10 billion won, only 10 million won” Korea Econ via Nate 1. I think that’s disrespectful of him to say that.

Moreover, in , the news of Mayweather dating Brit Raemarni surfaced the media. Caption: Floyd Mayweather with his ex-girlfriends, Doralie Medina & Josie Harris (Top-left & right) Shantel Jackson & Melissa Brim (Bottom left & right) respectively.

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Share this article Share The accident comes after it was revealed the mother had been forced to claim tax credits to support herself and her two-year-old daughter, Ayla. Ms Flounders stood by disgraced former England winger Johnson during his trial for child sex offences, before he was convicted of sexually touching a schoolgirl fan who he had groomed online. The couple split just after Johnson’s guilty verdict and he was jailed for six years in March The front bumper of Ms Flounders car is almost completely ripped off as a result of the crash Ms Flounders was travelling from her home in Hartlepool to visit Johnson in HMP Mooreland in South Yorkshire when she had the crash Ms Flounders is said to be working 16 hours a week as an account manager for an IT data firm and supplementing her income with tax credits.

A friend told the Daily Star: She has told us he gives her money but she never seems to have any. Ms Flounders airbag is ripped from the steering wheel after the serious collision this morning The left hand-side of Ms Flounder’s Mercedes was smashed off by the force of the crash Ms Flounders flash Mercedes car before it was wrecked in the crash today The large home has since been put on the market but Johnson is said to make thousands from other properties and is said to have millions saved from his playing days.

Ms Flounders moved out of the house and into her mother’s home in Hartlepool after Johnson was jailed, but is now said to be renting a home with her daughter. She gave evidence in his defence at his trial, telling the court she did not see a future for their relationship but they would remain friends. She was said to have been dating another footballer, Bolton Wanderers Gary Madine, earlier this summer but it is unclear whether their relationship continues.

Johnson is not due for automatic parole until Entitlement to the state support depends on individual circumstances.


I was in two episodes. So far I did one job which was for Epson an overhead company. Check out the picture below and be sure to leave a comment. Epson overhead projector commercial playing the boss in a meeting giving a presentation Tuesday February 26, It has almost been two months since I last wrote in this column and man so much has happened. Let me first say God is my leader and I am truly in a season of reaping what I have sown over the past couple of years.

So in short I moved to LA just about a month ago and it has been up hill from there!

Having met in , Dayana and Kai are now devoted to one another along with their respective goals: to win the Ms. And Mr. Olympia. Now for the first time you can get the whole truth as Dayana discusses her relationship with Kai.

Theirs was a somewhat rocky relationship and clearly an on and off affair. Despite all that the couple went on to have… wait for it, three kids, two boys Koraun and Zion and one of the girls — Jirah. Sometime in , they got engaged, but we already know that there was no wedding whatsoever. The lawsuits were dropped on both accounts, but he served 2 days of house arrest the crime obviously fits the punishment. Needless to say, they both moved on.

According to sources, they met in Las Vegas in and shortly after, began dating.

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Mayweather’s trainer at the time was his uncle, Roger Mayweather; his father was still imprisoned after his conviction for illegal drug trafficking in The latter took over as his son’s trainer when he was released from prison after Mayweather Jr. Early in his pro career, Mayweather received praise from all corners of the boxing world and was touted as a pugilistic prodigy. He will probably win two or three world championships; I think he will go on to be the best ever”.

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He loves boxing and he loves bling! Who would have thought that Mayweather has a heart of a woman when it comes to jewelry? To make it clear, he focuses on bling and diamonds, not just ordinary jewelry. Mayweather has an entire jewelry collection full of shining, shimmering, and splendid jewelry including necklaces, rings, bracelets— you name it! More than watches, he fancies other types of accessories, which requires him to spend millions on his jewelry collection.

On top of that, Mayweather loves his children. He is unstoppable when it comes to jewelry, but is this excessive buying really necessary?

Mayweather Says Exposing Ms. Jackson’s Abortion Fair Game

Getty More Covering Floyd Mayweather since his amateur days in has meant being conversant in boxing at the highest levels. It’s also meant become well-versed in court proceedings. Mayweather has been flawless in the ring since losing a terrible decision in the Olympics in Atlanta, but woman after woman in his personal life have said he is flawed in the way he deals with them. View photos Floyd Mayweather Jr. Getty More The latest woman to make allegations against Mayweather, who on Sept.

Sep 22,  · Obviously Floyd Mayweather has moved on with this super bad chick @MissJackson showed up to that fight knowing he has a new girl. I’m sorry but in my book that is extra thirsty and desperate. I’m sorry but in my book that is extra thirsty and desperate.

Mayweather’s record Mayweather has said he believes a fight against the Irishman “will happen” as it looks like the American, who retired with a perfect record, will return to the ring. De La Hoya is currently promoting a long-awaited bout between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin which takes in September, but insists that has nothing to do with his criticism for the proposed superfight. Mayweather beat De La Hoya in Image: It always has been. That kind of fight is what the fans — and I am a fan first — deserve.

Which brings me back to the circus. McGregor lacks professional boxing experience Image: McGregor is almost certainly the best pound-for-pound MMA fighter. Floyd is Floyd — the most dominant boxer of his time. But success in one sport does not guarantee success in another. And Jackson and Sanders both played both baseball and football throughout their high school and college careers before going professional.

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You see, Josie is planning on writing a book based on her very possessive and abusive relationship with Floyd. Things really turned ugly for the two in , when Floyd assaulted Josie in front of their kids after he found some texts in her phone from NBA player C. He was later slapped with a 90 day jail sentence that he will begin serving next month.

She also claims that 50 laid his hands on her a few times. Check out a few excerpts below: On Shaniqua Tompkins relationship with 50 cent It has its ups and downs.

Apr 19,  · The album earned Monáe a Grammy nomination for the song “Many Moons.” She would go on to collect five more nominations across two more albums, both of which starred her alter-ego, Mayweather.

Opt out or contact us anytime If the bout does happen, it will be a straight-up boxing match. You could make a case that a fight with hybrid rules, some boxing, some M. But in a boxing bout between the men, it is hard not to side with one of the greatest of all time, Mayweather, against a fighter who, while clearly tough, has little experience in the sport. Because the fight is still speculative, the odds have not settled down quite yet.

But a bet on McGregor would currently bring in at least , and in some places more like He is in mixed martial arts and is the only man in U. Just as important is his enormous popularity, especially with the Irish and Irish-Americans who were out in force at the Garden.

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But when Mayweather participated with the commission last week to get a license, he was only asked one question about his record of domestic violence. According to the complaint, filed Sept. Jackson, Mayweather said that he would not allow her to leave.

A husband is believed to have shot his wife and her lover dead after he caught the pair having sex in their family home in Colombia. Pictured, wife Sandra Castellanos at the scene of the crime.

Shantel Jackson and Floyd Mayweather before he called off their engagement Mayweather was given a copy of an item from her medical records showing Jackson aborted his unborn twins, confirming it was not a miscarriage. When a couple’s engagement is called off, it is customary for the woman to give back the ring. However, being a gold digger, Shantel did not want to do that. So, Mayweather took it back against her wishes.

Jackson also sold a Ferrari and Bentley the boxer had bought her. Both brands make nice purses, but there’s a sizable price difference. With the remaining cash, Jackson bought a less expensive Ferrari and moved from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, trying to break into Hollywood as an actress again. The only problem is, Shantel can’t act and cash began running low.

Jackson was seen night after night in skimpy clothes, frequenting Los Angeles night clubs, trying to find a new rich boyfriend to support her as Mayweather did before their break up. Once again, all those brands make nice products, but it’s less expensive than what she was used to with Mayweather, who has warned Nelly to be careful of her expensive tastes.

Then Jackson met and dug her claws into unsuspecting rapper, Nelly, for financial support and is now appearing on his reality show “Nellyville” which has become an overnight hit.

Floyd Mayweather Blasts Shantel Jackson for Aborting Twin Babies – The Breakfast Club

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