What’s the best way to hook up a dual voice coil subwoofer?Explain serial & parrell wiring.?

Good Value, Good Sound This is a good unit. However, I have had some issues with it. It does it’s job, but I’ve had parts break on it before. I’ve had to send it in twice Read complete review This is a good unit. I’ve had to send it in twice. The first time, the unit was replaced, no questions asked. The second, I had to send it in to get it fixed, in which case Behringer support didn’t really seem to rush to get it back to me. I sent it in in September and got it back in December.


The beauty of the dual voice coil design is that it allows you to connect both a left and right stereo signal. That means you can run multiple impedance loads on a single speaker. Whether you want crisp music outside or a powerful movie-watching experience in the den, dual coil speakers offer the rich, clear audio that you’re seeking without having to install multiple units.

Hook up Alpine’s top-of-the-line 12″ subwoofer, and you’ll thrill to bass you can hear and feel. The SWRD 12″ dual 4-ohm voice coil Type-R sub handles ground-pounding power levels and stills delivers lifelike accuracy and crystal-clear sound.

Sold as a single speaker, this model uses a dual voice coil design that delivers both left and right channels from one weather-resistant rock speaker. The large 8″ injection-molded, carbon fiber filled, polypropylene woofer cone is is extremely rigid for tight bass, reduced breakup and lowered distortion. Butyl rubber cone surround damps resonance and provides exceptional durability. The speaker-forward design positions the speaker close to the grille ensuring an accurate mid-range.

First decide where you want them to go this is the fun part. Customers generally locate them in areas where a natural rock might be found such as bordering a garden area.

How do i hook up 2 four ohm dual voice coil subs to a single channel mono amp to get 2 ohms?

For the rest of us, the traditional laws of physics still apply, especially with regards to much-loved yet much-hated subwoofers. We love the bass, but we hate the space they take up. Insert obligatory fart joke here.

Wiring dual voice coil subs mono page as well as design further home theater system wiring moreover 2 ohm dvc wiring diagram along with 2 8 ohms wired to also 2 4 way switch wiring diagram in addition wiring diagram for two lights one switch.

Well built products designed to handle whatever you want to throw at them. Our amplifiers are designed from the ground up to exceed all customer expectations. Our amplifiers are not just built for power though, they are designed for the discerning listener who needs hefty amounts of power for subwoofer duty. They are just as much at home in an install meant for listening pleasure as it is in an all out SPL machine. Pushing the envelope of basket design. They are capable of holding up to 12 inch spiders, and up to 5 inch voice coils in the base.

Sundown’s future has never been brighter due to the potential we can achieve with these baskets. From the beginning to end no detail gets over looked. We start with an idea, then to a sketch, to a functioning 3D model, then finally a prototype. You can see every detail in this cutaway that goes in to making this work of art.

The Art of the Parallel Coil: A Guide to Boosting Your Vaping Output

Are you sure you want to delete this post? Thu Aug 03, Can u explain what it means to have ur amp bridged? If you look at amplifiers online I like sonicelectronix. RMS Power 4 ohms 70 watts x 2 chan.

This, by our years of design and testing, is the very best way to make the connection from the coil to the terminal (or direct wires). Leadwire failure is one of the most common causes of premature subwoofer .

Thanked Times in Posts Groans: Single amp, dual voice coil Quote: Originally Posted by Yadkin I know enough about electronics to be dangerous. By gain, do you mean input level? I guess that I can adjust that when I get the system setup, either on the bench or later when I get the car back from my body man. The amp has a subsonic filter switch: I assume I should use This is going into my project car, a ’64 TBird.

It’s a complete restoration. Nothing is in the car now except the steering column, and I’m rebuilding that after it’s painted. I’ve got two 4″ coaxial speakers mounted in the dash in place of the original 4x Crutchfiled had an open box special and I got two Retrosound 5×7 coaxials that have a shallow mounting depth, and those will fit inside the rear roof pillars, under the headliner. I actually live in Forsyth County, on the western side near the Yadkin River.

Are you familiar with this part of the country?

Ohms, Series & Parallel Subwoofer Wiring Info

At the heart of every speaker and sub is a voice coil. You need Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. If you wire the speakers to 4 Ohms the amp will play at Watts.

hello, I gots me a kicker 10″ cvr dual voice coil subby right and its rated at rms and watts max. i also have a responce amp rated at 2 X RMS watts or 1 X RMS. dont know what ohms its at or anything lol im still trying to figure that out.

You don’t want to know El Hombre Lobo said: I can’t tell if the sub is a single voice coil or dual. Perhaps someone can correct me? In any case, could I not boost the gain on the amp to get more then W? For this JL sub in particular the company says W is optimal while W is the bare minimum. If I could increase the amp gain to the W area I would be happy. Is this possible or is the amp limited to a ceiling of W when connected to an 8ohm sub?

If there was a way to up the power, it would start to distort. The problem with distortion is the peaks of the signal start to flat top clip. The problem with this is the clips are a steady DC voltage. The voice coil dissipates heat because the signal is constantly varying.

Best way to hook up a subwoofer with dual voice coils?

What is an ohm? How does a 2 ohm load effect an amp? How does a 1 ohm load effect an amp?

Hook up your whole setup except the subs. Instead of hooking up the subs hook up the multimeter to the amp. Make sure all bass boost is disabled and all EQ is flat (no custom stuff yet) and most importantly set the gain all the way down.

I hooked them up and they were dimming the lights and stuff so I went and bought a cap and put on them and it helped out some more but they still pull quit a bit. I was talking to my neighbor and he said that the way I had the wired up they were at 1 ohm. I thought that I had them at 2. Well he told me to wire them differently and it would not pull so much. Also before I got the cap I had a problem with the amp shutting off on really deep hard hitting bass.

I got the cap installed with the way I had it wired and it sounded awesome and never shut off. Well then I wired the subs his way and when I turned it on the amp shut off when the deep bass hit. The way I had them wired the first time were pos to pos neg to neg in the box on each sub. And at the amp which is a two channel kicker I hooked the pos from sub to the neg wire from the other sub so that way I had the pos wire from one sub and the neg from the other sub to hook up at the amp.

Matching Car Audio Speakers and Amplifiers

Provides a pure, clean bass Day money back guarantee must be returned in original box Cons: This is truly a great speaker with lots of power and tons of features. With this speaker installed in your vehicle you will literally be able to make the windows shake. These speakers are reasonably priced, but the quality is outstanding. Dimensions The Power Acoustik speaker weighs 32 pounds.

You should also be aware of the fact that you get a day warranty with the purchase of this speaker, which is not bad considering its price tag.

is the home for your car audio and car stereo needs. We are one of the biggest distributors and wholesalers of all car audio related products in California.

Low efficiency A Guide to Subwoofer Shopping Just as the bass notes they produce are to music itself, subwoofers are the foundation of a good audio system. They are designed to enhance only the lowest frequencies within a song, fully capturing the punch and resonance of bass instruments. While inch and inch subwoofers will get you by, inch subwoofers are especially proficient at putting forward the deeper elements of dance and hip-hop genres, which make frequent use of heavy, powerful notes.

Their size facilitates impact and continuity. What are the Different Types of Enclosures? One of the most significant aspects of a subwoofer outside of the schematics of the speaker itself is its container.

How to Wire Two Dual 4 ohm Subwoofers to a 4 ohm Final Impedance

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